Rain-Blighted Template

Rain-Blighted can be added to any plant or animal

CR: As base creature +1.

Type: Animals change to Magical Beast, Plants are unchanged Do not recalculate saves, BAB, or skill ranks.

Armor Class: Increase Natural Armor from the base creature by +2.

Defensive Abilities: Rain-Blights gain darkvision 60 feet. They also gains damage reduction 5/slashing. They are immune to cold.

Melee: A Rain-Blight gains a bite attack that deals damage based on its size. If the blight already has a bite attack, the bite’s damage increases by one step, as if it had increased one size category.

Special Attacks: A plagued beast inflicts rainplague with each successful bite attack. The save DC to resist the disease is equal to 10 + the Rain-Blight’s HD + 1/2 the Rain-Blight’s Constitution modifier.

Abilities: +4 Str, +2 Con, +2 Dex, Wis is reduced to 1 A Rain-Blight has a minimum Charisma score of 15—if the base creature’s Charisma is lower, increase it to 15. If it’s 15 or higher, do not adjust the plagued beast’s final Charisma. A Rain Beast uses Charisma for all Wis based checks and saves.

Feats: A Rain-Blight gains Toughness as a bonus feat.

Rainplague-Onset: 1 Day. Frequency 1/day, 1d6 wis, cure 2 saves. If reduced to 0-wis, animals and plants become a Rain-blight. Others are rendered comatose until wis is restored and gain a random insanity.

Rain-Blighted Template

B.O.B. PhibbyRizo