Man of Earth

God of Wisdon, Earth, Stability, and Past
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Domains Earth, Destruction, Law, Healing, Knowledge
Subdomains Catastrophe, Caves, Memory, Restoration, Metal
Favored Weapon Sling

Thraanth is one of the eldest of the gods, and the father of Syreen. As his first daughter he held her high on his shoulders; this kept Syreen’s heads in the clouds which she molded into her domain over many millennia.

All the religious texts state that he is, in fact, the land itself. That he gave is very body as a place for creation to live. The theories continue on suggesting that the Spine Reach Mountains are his spine itself. This has been met with much controversy and debate about where the rest of his body is or if he is even still a living god. Any of his devout followers though will tell you that he is very much so still alive and the rest of his body makes up the plane of earth.


B.O.B. Brodin