Things we have going on.

  • Mysterious Black Rain keeps falling. It mutates plants and animals.
  • Two druids, Eoh, and ‘Irrelevant’ have both been blamed for the Black Rain. Eoh’s Eidolon attacked the party, yet a dragon Iknilod insists that ‘Irrelevant’ is the true villain.
  • The Leprechaun L’Bannon tried to extract money from the party. He managed to escape.
  • The Monk Shotan from the Silidar monastery is resting at Iduna’s Inn.

*The Silidar Monastery has been overrun by fungus monsters.

*During the Vegepygmy attack, the largest was found carrying a silver necklace with the name ‘Irma’ on it.

*Two fey, a dryad and a fossergrim have a long rivalry going in their underground home.

*A Giant Muckdweller named Bigboss has become a cannibal.

*A naked gnome man with a large hat fled towards the party.



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